Piece and Quilt With Precuts Blog Hop Begins!

Hi friends! I’ve been super busy packing up and preparing to move, but I wanted to give you a heads up that today is the start of the Blog Hop to celebrate Christa Watson’s new book, Piece and Quilt With Precuts.

I knew I would be busy this month, but when Christa asked if I wanted to celebrate with her, I just had to say yes! Here’s a sneak peek of my project.

This book is great, friends. Lots of beautiful patterns and quilting instruction, but I’ll share more about that on my scheduled Hop day!

Speaking of schedules, here is Christa’s blog post with links to all the participants for each day.

And here’s something fun: You can purchase a SIGNED copy of Piece and Quilt With Precuts here.

(Incidentally, it is also Christa’s birthday, so make sure to wish her a happy day when you stop by her site.)

Looking forward to sharing full pictures of my project with you on Monday.

Happy sewing, L


What’s Up Wednesday: Catching Up

Hi all! As you may have noticed, my weekly What’s Up Wednesday and Color Play Friday posts haven’t been happening for a couple of weeks. In the hustle and bustle of moving prep, planning a trip, and having kids home for summer, I just haven’t gotten to my computer much.

Here’s what’s been going on in my studio:

I’ve been packing!

LPP Packing

Because I need to focus solely on my next Quilt Theory quilt until the move, I was able to pack up all my other WIPs and my fabric stash. Of course, that has left me digging through bins more than once looking for something I thought I wouldn’t need!

I needed a couple of quick finishes this week, so I finished quilting my Improv Flower panel and then made both it and my Domestic Weave panel into throw pillow covers for the media room in the new house.  Both of these patterns are from classes I took with the amazing Mister Domestic. Mathew is a super fun teacher- you should take a class with him if you ever get the chance!

LPP Throw Pillows

So that’s really it for now! I’ll be posting fairly sporadically through August, but will be back at it in September once I’m settled in to my studio.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on my Instagram account for sneak peeks of my new Quilt Theory quilt as I finish it up!

Happy Sewing, ~L

What’s Up Wednesday: It’s almost Thursday!

Oops!  I was super busy this afternoon, and I hosted a party this evening, so I’m just now  getting around to posting. Technically I’m not late because in Washington state it’s still Wednesday!

So, what have I been up to this week? Well, my most exciting news is not sewing related… I sold my house! Whew! We’re waiting for our inspection results, and if all is well (as we’re expecting), I can finally start relaxing a bit on keeping this place show-ready. As for the new place: finish work has begun and we’re starting to feel like we’re in the home stretch. (No pun intended!)

There has been some sewing happening in my studio lately, though never as much as I’d like!

This week, I attended a fun workshop with Mister Domestic put on by Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. We worked on Mathew’s Improv Flower pattern. I really love improv projects, and this was no exception. I love that each project is completely unique- just like flowers!



And today I finally started my Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge entries. (If you’re unfamiliar with the contest, find details here.) I’ve been busy with house stuff lately, and got going on it later than I would have liked.  But now that I’ve started the process, I never want to stop. I think curating cute bundles of fabric is pretty much my dream job. You can visit my Instagram to see what I’ve come with so far. There will be many more bundles in the coming weeks.

I hope that you’re week is going well- halfway to the weekend!

Happy Sewing, ~L

Color Play Friday: Out on the Farm

As busy as things have been for me lately, I always love taking the time to gather fabric into cute bundles.

This week, I have another cute and bright bundle for the Out on the Farm prompt.


I knew right away that the red apple fabric would be the start of my bundle.  I then added the cherry fabric, because cherries are in season right now. My trees out back are going crazy! I knew I wanted a second color in my bundle, so I pulled the green from the cherry leaves and picked a few green fabrics. I had to be careful to keep everything from looking like Christmas, so I added the coral dots and triangle fabric to help keep things fun and summery.

I hope you enjoyed my bundle this week; next week’s prompt is:

Happy Sewing, ~L

What’s Up Wednesday: All sorts of fun

Hi, friends!

How is your week shaping up? Things are going well in my neck of the woods- lots of fun with pretty fabric.

I case you missed it, I posted on Monday on the Quilt Theory blog and shared these two mini quilts I made from some Mountain Calling blocks.

I also finished up the bow ties for my daughter that I started last week.

 I had so much fun with them, and now my husband wants some too! So I’m currently on the search for some great Liberty of London prints for him.  I’ll also be checking at my local thrift stores for silk blouses that can be remade into ties.

And last on my list of fun, sewing-related things this week: On Saturday, I’ll be taking a class in Seattle with Mister Domestic. We’ll be making his Improv Flower pattern, which is gorgeous! He is a very fun teacher, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again and spending time in class with some friends from my guild.  Here is the bundle of fabric that I got for this project.

And I bought enough to make the pattern twice!

And what have you been up to lately? I love looking at all the pretty stuff that everyone is making, so please feel free to comment a link to your latest project post or tag me on Instagram so I can see what you’re doing.

Happy Sewing, ~L

On the Quilt Theory Blog

Hi friends, I hope Monday is treating you well!

I’m just writing a quick note to let you know that it’s my week to share on the Quilt Theory Designer Corner.


Click on the photo above to hear about the Quilt Theory coloring pages and see some of our quilts dressed up for Independence Day.


Happy Sewing! ~L

Color Play Friday: Dragon

I had a horrible thing happen to me this week that I wouldn’t wish on any of my quilty friends. While searching through my stash for good bow tie fabrics, a SPIDER came crawling out on one of my lovely stacks.  I screamed, but then had the presence of mind to squash the little bugger.  I’m usually kind to bugs, but spiders and I have a deal: if they stay out of my house, I won’t squash them. This guy did not hold up his end of the bargain.

Given my fear of spiders, you can imagine that rummaging through my fabric stacks since then had been a bit difficult.

But, I summoned up all my dragon courage this morning to get in there and find this great bundle for Color Play Friday.


Most people think green when imagining dragons, but I my head, I kept picturing two beautiful dragons living on separate mountains far away from each other. I don’t know their history, but I suspect they were once in love and both long to be together again.

If you’d like to play along for Color Play Friday this summer, simply make a bundle from the prompt, snap a photo, post it to Instagram, and add the hashtag #colorplayfriday so we can all see it.

Next week’s prompt is:

Happy Sewing, ~L