Color Play Friday: Out on the Farm

As busy as things have been for me lately, I always love taking the time to gather fabric into cute bundles.

This week, I have another cute and bright bundle for the Out on the Farm prompt.


I knew right away that the red apple fabric would be the start of my bundle.  I then added the cherry fabric, because cherries are in season right now. My trees out back are going crazy! I knew I wanted a second color in my bundle, so I pulled the green from the cherry leaves and picked a few green fabrics. I had to be careful to keep everything from looking like Christmas, so I added the coral dots and triangle fabric to help keep things fun and summery.

I hope you enjoyed my bundle this week; next week’s prompt is:

Happy Sewing, ~L


What’s Up Wednesday: All sorts of fun

Hi, friends!

How is your week shaping up? Things are going well in my neck of the woods- lots of fun with pretty fabric.

I case you missed it, I posted on Monday on the Quilt Theory blog and shared these two mini quilts I made from some Mountain Calling blocks.

I also finished up the bow ties for my daughter that I started last week.

 I had so much fun with them, and now my husband wants some too! So I’m currently on the search for some great Liberty of London prints for him.  I’ll also be checking at my local thrift stores for silk blouses that can be remade into ties.

And last on my list of fun, sewing-related things this week: On Saturday, I’ll be taking a class in Seattle with Mister Domestic. We’ll be making his Improv Flower pattern, which is gorgeous! He is a very fun teacher, and I’m looking forward to seeing him again and spending time in class with some friends from my guild.  Here is the bundle of fabric that I got for this project.

And I bought enough to make the pattern twice!

And what have you been up to lately? I love looking at all the pretty stuff that everyone is making, so please feel free to comment a link to your latest project post or tag me on Instagram so I can see what you’re doing.

Happy Sewing, ~L

On the Quilt Theory Blog

Hi friends, I hope Monday is treating you well!

I’m just writing a quick note to let you know that it’s my week to share on the Quilt Theory Designer Corner.


Click on the photo above to hear about the Quilt Theory coloring pages and see some of our quilts dressed up for Independence Day.


Happy Sewing! ~L

Color Play Friday: Dragon

I had a horrible thing happen to me this week that I wouldn’t wish on any of my quilty friends. While searching through my stash for good bow tie fabrics, a SPIDER came crawling out on one of my lovely stacks.  I screamed, but then had the presence of mind to squash the little bugger.  I’m usually kind to bugs, but spiders and I have a deal: if they stay out of my house, I won’t squash them. This guy did not hold up his end of the bargain.

Given my fear of spiders, you can imagine that rummaging through my fabric stacks since then had been a bit difficult.

But, I summoned up all my dragon courage this morning to get in there and find this great bundle for Color Play Friday.


Most people think green when imagining dragons, but I my head, I kept picturing two beautiful dragons living on separate mountains far away from each other. I don’t know their history, but I suspect they were once in love and both long to be together again.

If you’d like to play along for Color Play Friday this summer, simply make a bundle from the prompt, snap a photo, post it to Instagram, and add the hashtag #colorplayfriday so we can all see it.

Next week’s prompt is:

Happy Sewing, ~L

What’s Up Wednesday: Bowties!

Hi, friends!

This week has brought the normal craziness accompanied by kids being on summer break and having to keep a house ready for showings at all times. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting this place sold. I think I’ll leave dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor for a while just to celebrate!

Yesterday I finished a ‘pattern test’ quilt top for my next Quilt Theory pattern. My daughter loved the scrappy fabrics I used, so she will be getting the quilt when it’s done. It is now #9 in the list of the finished tops that need quilting.  NINE! Needless to say, it’ll be a while.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the quilt quite yet… gotta wait til fall! But for now, you can enjoy these scrappy sneak peeks.


And speaking of my new pattern, I’ll start cutting this week for the quilt that goes on the cover. I’m using these gorgeous Michael Miller fabrics and Aurifil threads, and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

There will be hand quilting, friends.

In July.

But it’ll be amazing, so it’ll all be worth it!

I needed some quick finishes this week, so I decided to learn how to make a bow tie. My daughter loves them, but wanted some more feminine options to wear with a skirt and her button down shirts. She’s made a few of her own using this tutorial from Tie-a-Tie. I didn’t read the tutorial, but watched her to learn how.

I started with some fun Kaffe Fasset fabric to get the hang of the process. This isn’t totally her style, but I figured one of her guy friends would like the fabric, so it can go to him if she doesn’t want it.

I got two cut and ready to sew last night, and plan on cutting two more out of the florals shown. Hopefully I will get them sewn up before next week.

In the near future, I would love to get some nice Liberty of London florals to make ties with. They have such beautiful floral prints, and the sheen on them is perfect for bow ties. Heck, I might even get really brave and do some silk ones!

Happy Sewing, ~L


Color Play Friday: Rainstorm

How’s this for irony: In the Pacific Northwest, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, birds are chirping, and our Color Play Friday prompt for the day is RAINSTORM. I’m just happy to be playing with fabric while I listen to the birds sing.


I have more blue in my stash than any other color, but I was looking for a specific type of blue this week. I wanted to play with darker, purple-toned blues to reflect the storm clouds that we get here occasionally. You wouldn’t know it from all the bad press we get, but the northwest doesn’t have the type of storms that most people think of when you say ‘rainstorm’. We mostly get grey, overcast skies and A LOT of drizzle, so I also made sure to get plenty of greys into my bundles too!

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say drizzle, here’s a hilariously helpful article I found for you!)

When I was putting together my first bundle, my husband caught a glimpse of what I was doing and told me how much he LOVED the color combos. He’s right- they are totally ‘his’ colors. I may need to find a project to make him with some of these fabrics!

Next week’s prompt is: 

Have a great weekend, friends!

Happy Sewing, ~L


What’s up Wednesday: Speaking of WIPS…

Oh boy!

After a conversation today with Kitty from Night Quilter about my unfinished projects, I decided to look in my storage bins and take an assessment of what I’ve got going on.

When I started prepping my house for sale, I packed up a lot of my unfinished quilt tops and blocks that needed assembled and put them in bins under my bed. As I’ve finished tops, I have been sticking them in there.

Today, the bins came out… and all I can say is wow.

In total, I realized I have two sets of finished blocks that need to be assembled into quilts along with EIGHT quilt tops plus one more that is almost completed. Two of the tops are mostly quilted, but the rest haven’t even been basted. So, friends, I guess I better get myself in gear. I’m thinking I’ll look at it as an opportunity to really work on my quilting skills!

That being said, I will still be working on the teal and pink hexies project since it’s handwork that I can do on-the-go.


 Other things going on in my life right now:

We’ve made our final choices on our paint colors for the new house. And your girl is getting a bright yellow front door!


It’s berry harvest time in the Pacific Northwest, and my garden is ripe for the picking!

Lastly, summer break has begun! Here are snapshots of my kiddos on both the first and last days of school. What a difference nine months makes!

So what’s up in everyone else’s life? I’ve love to hear from you in the comments what you’ve been working on, and I hope the rest of your week is amazing!

Happy Sewing, ~L